07 March 2017

Gentle on my Mind

An idea for a piece of fiction, perhaps: a man (or I suppose it could be a woman) is considering making a phone call which could have a significant impact on their life - one way or another - but then Mahler 5 comes on the radio and (naturally) cannot be interrupted. As it did this evening, bringing back all sorts of memories of Warwick University, Ken Russell's film and a great deal more that is associated in my mind with the symphony. Aided by the fact that I was driving down the A46 at the time - every week that part of the drive makes me nostalgic for my time at Warwick. Mahler as a piece of madeleine ...

The interesting thing about the piece of fiction (should it ever be written) will be whether Mahler affects the protagonist's state of mind sufficiently to change the outcome. In the right circumstances the Adagietto can cause - has caused - tectonic shifts in emotions.

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