18 February 2017

Orange Juice

For no better reason than that it was on the radio this morning when I was driving to Didcot, where I arrived 1 minute 25 seconds after the start of the Parkrun, the Concierto de Aranjuez (or "orange juice", in brass band circles, I just learnt). After hearing different recordings compared on the radio, I need to find more about Kazuhito Yamashita who sounds like a musician worth hearing.

Not a bad run this morning. I haven't been training much - even missed my regular weekly run in Nottingham, as it was reading week, so I only had to make a dash - a "raid", indeed - to one postgrad seminar and had no overnight stay. Unfortunately, having to add my handicap to it - the runners had disappeared from view by the time I got to the start - spoils my time a bit, but it seems as if it might have spurred me on to a good pace.

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