03 January 2017


A heavy frost this morning, but I didn't venture out for a run until it had gone, so the title refers to what might have been. I had planned to mark the first day of the new working year by actually going to work - but it didn't work out, for several good reasons, and instead I baked another loaf of bread, tried to get my hair cut (as I explained to the lady sitting next to me in the barber's shop, waiting for her son, one look in the mirror this morning had shown that it could not be put off any longer) but ran out of time to wait, and took a much more enjoyable run in the relative warmth of the middle of the day - tee short and shorts warm, anyway, although others might have questioned my sanity (as do I, frequently).

I do my best blog-writing while I am running, then forget what I had composed. Today however I remember - a theme for a few days hence, which I will write and save now.

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