01 January 2017

Been down so long

1 across in the Financial Times prize crossword this weekend set the tone for this run: "During ceremony, legs beginning to tremble, given a small token (7,5)". No trembling of the legs, but little more than a small token: however, even a small token feels good.

2016 turned out to be a year of almost no running, so it was doubly important this morning to make a start on some sort of streak. Whether it lasts a few days, a month or the whole year, if I didn't run this morning the opportunity would have been lost. To adapt the words of the song (not Jim at his most lyrical or inventive), I hope it might be up for me, last year having been such a downer.

It was just starting to rain as I set out to do nine laps of the village playing fields, which equates to three miles (5K easily once you add in the distance between home and the playing fields) so in addition to my new Garmin Forerunner 230 (a wonderful piece of kit, though I don't need it to tell me every time my phone receives a message - I will turn that function off when I can find out how to do it), Vivobarefoot Primus shoes and Asics top and beanie (more like skullcap) I could use the waterproof jacket I bought over a year ago in Florida. Trying out new kit is always a great incentive to get out and run.

And what better to follow up a satisfying (if short and slow) run than baking a loaf of bread? As I write this there's a lovely aroma coming from the kitchen. Only a packet but using my wonderful new Lékué thingie. Well, they call it a "bread maker" but I don't think that's a very accurate name for it: it certainly assists with the making, but it's far from being a complete solution - of course you need an oven too, and actually I didn't find it very helpful for the kneading stage. It's a good illustration of how innovative products need novel names: a bit like "trundlehumper". The useful word "widget" seems to have been appropriated by the software industry now, more's the pity - though I will continue to try to keep its original meaning in use.

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