02 January 2017

Ball and chain

As runs go, this leaves a great deal to be desired. My head simply wasn't in the right place. I find I have previously written about the fact that trying to run when you really, really don't want to is counterproductive - it has to be enjoyable, even if the enjoyment only kicks in when you've finished, showered and made a cappuccino. Trying to run with a ball and chain - even a metaphorical one - never works.

Historical note: Janis Joplin never appealed to me in my formative years, when I greedily consumed all the music I could take in, roughly from 1972 to 1983 - whereafter I found myself in a different world. Perhaps there is a lesson here: I made a conscious decision to listen to Ball and Chain just now, not expecting to like it much, and found I was blown away by it. What if I had made a conscious decision to put in a few more laps of the playing fields this morning?

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