15 November 2016


I didn't see the promised Supermoon yesterday - nor even the stars.

I was out early, for the first time in a long time, to go for a run. The streets of Nottingham aren't the best place for it, and I didn't want to venture as far as Trent Bridge as I did five or six years ago when last I went for a morning run here (which resulted in a damaged Achilles, anyway). ‎2.34 gentle miles was enough - actually not so gentle given that the city has some significant hills in it. 

I wondered about the man I could see at his desk in an otherwise deserted first floor office, above (presumably part of) RBS. And the man, older than me (older even than me!) in suit, tie and overcoat, carrying a briefcase, on his way to his desk at about 7.10 am. I had just passed Eversheds' office and could not help but connect him and that building. How nice to have nothing more demanding in front of me today than to deliver a lecture on moral rights.

At the law school there are notices advertising a talk: something like "what life is like as a corporate lawyer, and why my colleagues hate me". Quite.

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