31 October 2016

Solid Air

For the final leg of my drive to Nottingham this morning, I put the roof down and turned the CD player up - driving up the M1 with the wind and sun on my face, John Martyn (my purchase from the Oxfam shop in Nottingham last week) playing at full blast, singing along to the extent that he was the sort of musician with whom one could ever sing along ("May you never" is suitable), with a broad grin perhaps for the first time in a long time. And what could be more appropriate as the theme song for an IP course than "Solid Air"?

After a struggle the last time I did the drive, having to cope with no clutch, which makes city driving tricky, and with a deafeningly failing wheel bearing just behind the driver's seat, the car was a pleasure to drive. So much better than the trip last week, which necessarily made use of the train while Adam fixed the car.

I found myself regretting not buying a double CD of The Doors in the Oxfam shop last week - it would have been ideal listening this morning - but when I returned today someone had beaten me to it. They did however have "Spooked" by Robyn Hitchcock, which I am sure will be an essential addition to my library - as well as the brilliant "Television" it also features "Trying to get to Heaven before they close the door". Two seminal songs, come to think of it. And I also found myself unable to resist a CD from the bargain selection, by Rumer, an artist to whom I was introduced a year ago ... I liked what I heard then, but that might not be the best basis for buying the CD, which probably doesn't lend itself to open-top motorway driving either. We'll see. I might be singing along to Nobel Laureate's Greatest Hits again tomorrow evening. Probably with the roof up, too.

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