25 August 2016

The untold want

I was reading some guidance, which looked extremely useful, about a mindful approach to dealing with procrastination, a vice which has afflicted me since I was a child such that when our Latin teacher asked who in the class knew the meaning of the word mine was the only hand that went up. (Perhaps the others were just taking their time to get round to it.) Set aside five minutes to complete a task, and when you feel the urge to procrastinate don't try to overcome it but rather hold it in your mind, assess what it feels like, stay with the urge and then appreciate that you are able to feel it and not to succumb. Sounds good. I'll give it a try, later. First I have a few things I need to do ...

So today I found myself learning a bit about Walt Whitman. I've got a collection of his work on the bookshelf, but in fact I found what I needed on the web. It doesn't take  much to create a diversion from what I ought to be doing.

How I got to Whitman is another story, but it's relevant to a problem I am grappling with involving goals. So the couplet which I'd come across:
The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now, voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find.
- once I'd worked out what it might mean (with the aid of some poetry discussion groups on the web), had quite a resonance for me. Particularly, it must be said, in light of a significant life event which is coming along tomorrow. There seems to be no way I can postpone it. It cannot be dealt with by procrastination.

The "untold want" which hasn't yet been granted to me could include those elusive goals. I'm pretty sure - in fact, I know - that there is a lot of other stuff included too, but I'm focussing on goals here. It might help me in my next Skype coaching session - I should think of myself as the voyager, sailing forth, to seek and find - to seek and find all sorts of things. Perhaps that's a particularly healthy attitude to have with tomorrow in mind.

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