24 July 2016

I'm so tired

Alarmed to realise that I will be running a Marathon in nine weeks, and haven't made much progress in overcoming about a year of hard non-training, I did 10 laps of the playing fields yesterday morning (5K) at a reasonable-for-now tempo pace (8:13) and followed up with 7+ miles this morning, at a reasonable snail's pace. The first two or three miles were definitely of the run-walk variety, as I felt as if I'd rather be doing anything but running, but eventually my brain took over and reminded me that I'll never get anywhere without a bit of determination.

I felt a little disappointed about the performance, but the important thing is that no-one else will ever be remotely disappointed by it. When I run, I am in absolute control of what I get out of it, whether it's gratification or disappointment. No third party can affect that, nor can they share in the gratification or disappointment. Running is a perfectly autonomous activity, and that's a very strong attraction. Not that it isn't also a social activity, or that support and encouragement from others doesn't make a difference, but whether I perform as well as I can or not is entirely a matter for me.


Anonymous said...

Nine weeks till your Marathon, how exciting, have a great race!

Peter Groves said...

Thanks Anna! A long way to go before I am fit enough to envisage enjoying it, but (as I wrote) the encouragement of people like you is really helpful!