10 June 2016

Thunder and lightning

We didn't have lightning, but there was plenty of thunder as we ran along the Ridgeway, and as you can see it certainly wasn't very summery. As a way of filling a slow Friday afternoon, with no email traffic to keep me busy, it was a great idea, and the meditation aspect of running was very welcome. I had one particular thought to mull over while I was out: as it happens, it didn't get sorted out, but you can't have everything.

So, a gentle run, appropriate for a return after injury. It's now been 13 weeks: who'd have thought that a broken ARM could keep me from running for that long? Heading out for a longish run, on a Friday afternoon at that, must have been a bit of a shock to Lucy's system, and as I write she is stretched out on the study floor recovering. I am delighted to learn that I can manage the distance, even if I did have to walk from time to time and cut a mile or so off the usual route. I'll probably sleep soundly tonight - this evening, perhaps.

Although the song title isn't entirely apt, it's close enough. I enjoyed watching Howard and Trev (but not Keith), and was about to write that it means so much more when you've watched them live, met them and even exchanged emails, when I realised that I last saw them about ten years ago, which puts matters into a chronological perspective - something that I find uncomfortable whenever it happens. I'm not very happy with time at the moment (but was I ever?).

Another thing: I didn't choose it for the lyrics, but I've always loved them - and they seem particularly poignant right now ...

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