21 June 2016

Life is for living

There was only one way to find whether I could run from Paddington Station to Mallow Street, and that was to try. I took my time, but I got here: just under 5.5 miles (about 9km) and an hour and 8 minutes running (not allowing for some short pauses), but I wasn't bothered about speed and the route was crowded too, as one always finds on a summer's day in central London. I managed to stumble, three times: once I went down completely, in the middle of Hyde Park Corner, landing on longish grass (which was just as well, as my injured shoulder took the brunt of the fall). That was caused by tripping over a kerb, stubbing my left big toe, and later on the Embankment I stumbled on an uneven paving stone. I guess I wasn't picking my feet up as far as I need to, probably an indication of lost endurance, but I don't feel after today's performance that it will be long before I recover that.

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