07 January 2016

I threw it all away

 If I haven't blogged for a while, a friend remonstrates with me, and I certainly haven't been blogging much - and he remonstrated with me before Christmas. I have had a lot going on, some of it fit to write about here, but not much running - the Boxing Day Parkrun in Didcot is not the only occasion on which I have laced up my running shoes since last I posted anything here, but most of the others aren't much worth writing about. I did have a day doing a bit of running in London, first delivering nomination papers to ALCS when I stood for election to the board then (after a tube journey) paying a visit to someone ... important ... but not the sort of running schedule I like to maintain, let alone the sort of schedule I want to maintain.

I'm not good with New Year's resolutions, either making them or, on the rare occasions when I do, sticking to them. I thought about running today, even changed into a pair of shorts and put my shoes on, but then it was cold and miserable outside, I had a stack of work to do and it was later than I realised. Tomorrow, perhaps.


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Anonymous said...

It's difficult to maintain high levels of running when there is too much going on in life. You still did well at the Boxing Day Parkrun!:)