11 January 2016

Amazingly Agnes

I looked back at my recent posting about Stackridge's Final Bow, having found myself this morning unable to get "Amazingly Agnes" out of my head. I wrote in the earlier post about the verbal wit of their early songs, which has been rather lacking in later material: what better example than a song in which cruel, stool, Timbuktu, mule, bull, and fool are made to rhyme? I speculated that perhaps what was missing later in the band's history was Crun's lyrics, but Agnes turns out to be James Warren composition. As is "Anyone for Tennis?", which was also on my mind earlier - "silver hairs are sprouting from my cranium/now cramp has stopped me mining for uranium ..." (On the other hand, the band occasionally produced some really crass lyrics: "Dangerous Bacon" comes to mind, with embarrassing references to the Holocaust and rape - that's a "Smegmakovitch" lyric, I think, a pseudonym for James, Crun and Mutter working together, and I suspect they cringe when they think about it, although they certainly performed it as recently as 2007, which is only "recent" in the case of a band that lasted for 46 years. Apart from that, it's a nice little song, but to me it's a huge "apart from ...".)

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