19 June 2015

The Lark Ascending

One reason among many why I love running in the local countryside is hearing the sounds of nature, of which the singing of the larks alongside the Ridgeway is a summer highlight. (The sounds of heavy vehicles on the A34 is less attractive, but cannot in any case be attributed to nature.) They were in great voice this morning as my new training regime (which is basically "get out and run") continued - 17 miles so far this week and no ill-effects: on the contrary, a feeling of well-being and satisfaction and a greater capacity for work, which also seems to have become more interesting and compelling. Of course I knew all this would come from upping the running effort, but it is good to be proved right.

Today was almost a rest-day run, at a very sedate pace for most of the distance, concentrating on the new breathing technique and trying to make sure my diaphragm did the work. After a brisk trot down the metalled road from Upper Farm to the school, I planned to keep going without pause over the footbridge which always provides a satisfying moment as I get up on my toes and attack the climb: but as we approached it, a lady with a pushchair was just entering the path that leads to the bridge and I knew there would not be room for Lucy and me to squeeze past, so we waited until I saw her crest the summit before setting off over it. In fact it was the people several yards in front of her at that point who I caught first, near the end of the descent on the other side: she's already overtaken them.

Warm, sunny weather, no wind that I noticed, dry, in fact ideal running conditions. I hope I am on track for my 5K target - I haven't checked how my weight is doing recently.

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