29 May 2015


It should be summer by now, but there's a distinct lack of warmth. Chatting by instant message on Skype, I learnt from Ron that Israel was having a heatwave and the temperature was 40 degrees. I replied that we were also having a heatwave and the temperature was 20 degrees. But then it cooled down again.

I was due to meet Marco in London yesterday, and he'd suggested a run or coffee. We'd tentatively fixed to meet for coffee but I was in my running kit so I sent him an email asking if he'd care to meet by the canal at the back of King's Cross station for a gentle jog along the towpath: he replied that he'd just run 30K but was up for another outing, so we enjoyed a trot along to Regent's Park and up Primrose Hill (for the exercise and the view - the exercise for me, the view for Marco who certainly didn't need the exercise) followed by the aforementioned coffee. How far? I never thought to start the Watch, but I guess about three miles all told. The point, however, is that it broke a long fallow period for me, and I have Marco to thank for helping me over it.

Next time we meet, I want to be able to tell him that I've just finished a 30K run ...

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