22 May 2015

Spanish practices

A news story in the Evening Standard (thanks, Gerry, for bringing it to my attention) reminds me of something that happened to me ...

Several years ago, I was interviewed for a television programme about the motor trade. I met the interviewer and his crew at a gigantic non-franchised car retailer's premises in Slough. After the introductory niceties, we adjourned to the car lot for the filming.

At one point, waiting for something to happen, the cameraman started talking about the social value of car dealers. All those salesmen, earning fat commissions, contributing nothing useful to the process, driving up the cost to the consumer.

The sound man agreed wholeheartedly. I refrained from enquiring about his contribution to what we were doing.

Oh, and I ended up on the cutting-room floor, or would have done had there been one.

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