02 May 2015

As long as the candle burns

How could I possibly take a wrong turn in a Parkrun, for goodness' sake? Coming round for the third time at Didcot this morning I failed to take the left-hand fork and headed off for a third lap of the playing field - which would have been a serious handicap. As it was, I heard a French-accented voice shouting to me and realised it was Jean-Luc (not hard to guess) who I had managed to pass a few hundred yards earlier. Realising my error, I put on the brakes - and went flat, as the grass was still wet. Picking myself up, I darted through a convenient gap in the hedge, but I'd lost a few seconds stopping, falling over, getting up again and backtracking to the gap, so Jean-Luc, to beat whom was (as I had told him) my target for the day, was comfortably ahead again. Eventually I followed him across the finish line, 20 or so seconds adrift and 9 seconds slower than my Didcot PB which I set last time out. Well, I know where the 9 seconds went.
I forgot my Watch, but having no data about this run is a small loss. I took a neighbour, Yvonne, running her first Parkrun, and she put in a very impressive performance considering what a novelty it was - and she will improve in leaps and bounds if she carries on, I'm sure.
I keep finding that the videos I embed in these postings have disappeared from YouTube, and I am slightly concerned about posting links to what might be unauthorised clips. Picking something with a relevant title is also tricky, as there are only so many songs with "run" in the title. So this one is just one that I came across this morning, one of my favourite bands with one of my favourite singers making a guest appearance, doing a lovely song together, and she seems to be singing a fairly close translation. Interesting to hear Patti singing the English and Andrei Makarevich singing the original Russian simultaneously.

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