01 January 2015

The Empty Space

Another year passes and once again Janathon comes around - encouraging me to run every day and blog about it. Well, it didn't look as if that was going to happen today, because I have had a problem which was quite likely a chest infection, ever since returning from India over two weeks ago and perhaps actually since before that. (But I do have a piece of paper from the Indian authorities declaring me free from ebola.)

Yesterday I picked up quite well, enough to enjoy dinner at The Ship Inn in West Stour which was excellent, but this morning my chest still felt like a run, of any length, was not a good idea. Parkruns at Blandford and Yeovil beckoned but I managed to resist them. Eventually, as the day faded and darkness crept in remarkably early - the sun hardly having put in an appearance all day - I put Lucy on her lead and jogged off through blustery weather towards Fifehead Wood. It probably wasn't as much as a couple of miles all told, the woods being too muddy to venture far off the road, but it was a run and I can blog about it. No Garmin data because I don't know where it is, and anyway it wouldn't be very interesting.

So, tomorrow I can try to go a bit further - I hope the weather will be clement ...