06 September 2014


I avoided the ignominy of a three-digit finishing tag today, and recorded a time which compares reasonably well with others over the summer. My one run during the week hasn't improved my endurance, though (and I didn't seriously expect it to make a noticeable difference): my legs felt tired after only a few yards, so on the race to the gates by the lock - a notorious bottleneck - I pulled over to one side to let faster runners through. After that it seemed to get easier: by the time we left the metal road for the last one-tenth of a mile sprint I was in good shape, and I think my form was OK throughout. When I concentrated on my arms, I sped up noticeably, and I feel able to concentrate on them more now than ever before, as the rest of my form is hard-wired. It might not be good, but at least it is automatic!

I have my dates for Moscow trips this coming year now, coinciding nicely with the ceasefire in Ukraine, and can start planning to take in the Gorky Parkrun which will be great fun.

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Anonymous said...

I've noticed the same, whenever moving my arm in concentration with my push-off-leg, speed is effortless! Great feeling, however, I cannot keep it up for long for lack of training... Great music, as always!