02 August 2014

Perfect day

Not really perfect, but closer to perfect than any recent days - running-wise, at least.The weather was pretty well perfect for a Parkrun, anyway: warm but not hot, not too humid, no sun. Little wind, too, although a gust carried me nicely up and over the culvert at about 2.5 miles while there was enough wind in my face down the stretch of road back to the lock at the end of the first loop (around half distance) to make me seek out the shelter of a bigger runner. Even at my pace slipstreaming can save some valuable energy.

I find it hard to believe that I have still only done 31 Parkruns. It would be nice to get to 50 and have the shirt to prove it, after which perhaps I'll be a Parkrun tourist or volunteer rather than trying to get to my home event every week.

1 comment:

Anna said...

Good run, wishing many more perfect days like this!