11 August 2014

Blue Monday

There was a curious quality to the light this morning when I served Lucy her breakfast on the patio: an autumnal feel, though it is only just post-Cropredy and autumn never begins until my birthday, which is still a couple of weeks away (which means that it's Gunver's birthday today). Yesterday's torrential rain, although it was only a couple of short bouts, reinforced the sense that summer has run its course already and filled the IBC: it felt less like a summer thunderstorm than an autumn downpour. But this morning the sky looked as if it had been washed, and the ground had also benefited from a good bath.

It was too good a morning to leave my bike at home, and being a few minutes earlier than usual (and it being holiday season) the ride into Didcot was quiet and largely uninterrupted. And it was too good a morning to take the tube to Old Street: my Parkrun times show the dire effect of a lack of training on my endurance, so I ran - gently, as this represents a big increase in mileage - down to Hyde Park, across Hyde Park Corner, down Constitution Hill (along the sand - hard-packed after the garden party season, when it is used as a car park: what is the right term for the sandy track provided primarily for horses? I rather like the idea of calling it a beach), through St James's Park, round the perimeter of Horseguards Parade because of some event taking place on the parade ground which calls for large grandstands, across Whitehall then to the Embankment along which I ran past London Bridge before heading uphill to St Paul's Cathedral and thence, via Guildhall, to Mallow Street. Crossrail is interfering with the Moorgate area, but mercifully that is the only disruption caused by those works and a short diversion is all that is needed.

Not a fast run (just under 50 minutes on the Watch, but that missed the first half-mile or so as it struggled to find a satellite) but it should be good endurance training. Just knowing that I'm still capable of running six miles is a significant boost. No problems from my strapped-up knee, at least not until I took the support off: I hope it is healing, whatever it is.

I cheerfully greeted many people as I passed, and received an above-average number of 'good mornings' in return, reminding me that last week someone actually wished me a good morning without my having initiated the exchange. So, despite an exchange by Skype bemoaning the start of another week, it's really not a blue Monday at all: and I am hoping that the present mood continues, even improves further, when the University of London finally reveals my students' grades - the only news so far is that the email with the all-important link has not reached Moscow.

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Anna said...

That's good news about your knee, happy running! - Hopefully not from your students, when they find out their marks;)