21 June 2014

So it goes

Much better than last week, though still a long way off my personal best let alone my target. But Abingdon Parkrun is getting bigger (249 people today, which is a lot when there's a substantial section that is single-file, and it comes up only about half a mile into the run) and the participants less familiar running etiquette. Too many earphoneys, for one thing, and although it's a traffic-free course there are other runners you need to hear. Too many running side-by-side, and too many unaccompanied children. But all that only means that I wouldn't be going for a PB even if were a stone lighter, a great deal fitter, and perhaps 20 or 30 years younger. It's still a nice social occasion. When I'm ready to run fast, I'll get to the front at the start.

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