05 January 2014

Janathon: Don't let it get you down

I'm not doing very well with Janathon, although at least I am managing to run every day - and if Janathon can get me to do that, it is definitely a Good Thing. Tomorrow might be a serious challenge, but if I don't aim too high I should be able to fit something in - something like this gentle outing, but around Regent's Park tomorrow lunchtime.

Why so little? I worked hard to get myself out in the first place, and was fairly sure I could do the full seven-mile loop - after all, I did it on Thursday - but it just was not to be. Partly the weather, partly physical issues - OK, GI issues, let's not go any further into that - and partly a failure of will-power. It seems wrong to cut short a run when it's the starting of it that is the hardest thing, but if I'm doing this for fun I need to avoid it becoming a chore.

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