02 January 2014

Janathon 2: If dogs run free

This is the sort of weather we often seem to get on New Year's Day - only 24 hours late, I suppose. Yesterday's rain has left the going muddy, but what's new? This is England.

Lucy was still to be tested on a long run, but she'd already proved herself to be obedient and good with other dogs and humans. She didn't stop running, and loved the open spaces on the Ridgeway. She also came running when I blew a dog whistle, although as she comes when called (see photo) perhaps that isn't so important.

I wasn't aiming to make it a fast run, because that way lies injury, as I proved last year. A steady 7 miles and a great sense of satisfaction and well-being at the end of it - which will be increased by the cappuccino I just made.

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