21 January 2014

Angel of the Morning

It might have been different, had the car started. The engine compartment is wringing wet, and WD40 doesn't seem to make much impression. The cockpit is wet, too, as is the inside of the hood, suggesting that it isn't really waterproof. On top of all that, I couldn't even open the boot to get to the engine because the lock was iced up. That was fixed by the application of boiling water, but even squirting starting fluid ('Easy Start') straight into the air intake failed to get it going. Having said that - where is the air intake on an MGF? The air filter is cleverly positioned under the fixed panel between the grille section in the boot through which you get access to do some of the routine things like top up the oil and water, and the main engine cover which requires some fairly serious dismantling of the car, so you can't even open it up to remove the filter cartridge (or to squirt starting fluid in!). Where that collects air from, goodness knows, though I now know that it's not through the side grille which is purely decorative. I pulled the hose from the filter off the manifold (there's no Jubilee (R) clip on it, which might explain why it doesn't run too well) and discharged the aerosol into the aperture, but even that didn't persuade it to fire. So off Lucy and I went to run to the field. And that's about it, really. It was a nice day for a run: cold, but eventually my hat and gloves came off and my three layers proved just a bit too much. The ground is still wet, but it should be possible to ride to Upton along the track, with just a couple of puddles taking the whole width to be avoided. Maybe tomorrow ...

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