20 October 2013

The Immortal Story

If you run one Marathon a year, at most, you're condemned each time to commit the beginner's cardinal error. I am, anyway.  Out too fast, then struggle round the second half. Too fast means seeing sub-8 pace on the Watch (great! I'm really flying!), and struggle means discomfort walking, let alone doing the Old Man's Shuffle. But it's done, and it was number 13 so worth getting out of the way even if I claim not to be superstitious. And whichever way you look at it, a big improvement on last year's effort. Several minutes spent chatting to Mick and Phil provided a dose of inspiration - not enough, as it happened, to avoid a very ugly and extremely slow endgame. I hope I see them racing again soon, not just standing at the side of the road cheering on those of us who, although we don't appreciate it all the time, are so much more fortunate.

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Anna said...

#13, wow! Good job, Peter!