13 August 2013

Speed of sound

After a few sedentary days, missing a couple of possible sessions last week, I got myself down to the Site, as it is known locally, for a speed session with Compton Harriers. Only four other people: a friendly group. Speed training takes the form of laps round a block behind what used to be AEA's head office, and before that was probably the main building for the old RAF station - maybe the officers' mess was in there. Must check. Anyway, it's now all conveniently outside the wire so we can use that for 800m reps.

The session was supposed to comprise 8 of them, but for starters three of us headed off round a 1 mile loop, me tagging along to be shown the way - knowledge that might come in useful one day. I started off in my Mizuno Wave shoes, maximum cushioning to protect my very tired and aching feet: I fear I might have a touch of arthritis or something in my left foot, which suffered the self-diagnosed stress fracture earlier this year. Then I changed to Vivobarefoot Achilles sandals for a lap, which wasn't too bad: a little friction between big toe and its neighbour on my left foot, and a lot of slapping down on the road on the right - suggesting one was tighter than the other. Lucy pointed out that I hold my left shoulder higher than my right when running, which could all be associate - I am anxious about injuring my left foot, and perhaps I tense up in avoiding this.

I ran the next four reps in my Vivobarefoot shoes, which now just feel so natural: running in anything else feels odd. They are extremely comfortable and light, and I am used to them after all the running I have done in them. On the third or fourth lap, having addressed other matters of form on previous laps (stride, arm swing) I tried to lean into the run, and felt as if I had really started to fly - although I doubt I would have seen sub-7:00 on the Watch if I had looked. And this evening I had taken the HRM with me, which means that the usefulness of the Watch on the run is diminished because every time I look at it it seems to be telling me my heart rate. Useful , to be sure, but it would be nice to see other data too: it just seems to scroll past the other stuff before I can see it.

A bit more training like this and I will be closing in on that 20 minute target for 5K.

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