05 August 2013

Monday monday

Finally broke through 200 miles for the year to date - not a very impressive total, but I might just make it to my target by the end of the year. 3.5 miles from Paddington via Little Venice, the Regent's Canal and the Park (round by the boating lake to add some distance) to get to work. Conditions were near-perfect: dry, clear, still, not too sunny, and I kept up a cracking pace through the Park. But coming home was a different matter: waited half an hour for a cloudburst to pass, then jogged through the streets to the station, only a mile and a half - better, marginally, than nothing, but indicative of how exhausted I feel at the end of the day, and how reluctant to throw myself on the mercy of First Great Western for the ride home. No cycling, either, because of the likelihood of foul weather (and general lethargy).

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