14 June 2013

Wheel's on fire

As I was securing my bike at the station this morning, an incoming commuter arrived at the bike shed to find only a pair of wheels, securely fastened to the rack. He was remarkably phlegmatic, in a situation in which most people would have been very angry and many would have gone off on a Daily Mail style rant against immigration and other common scapegoats. Another cyclist advised him to get the CCTV footage, which I hope will help him recover the frame.

I made doubly sure that my two U-locks secured the wheels to the frame, and now I have a longer one at home I might bring that into service too. After all, it's quite a long walk or run home, and having paid £45 for quite a good bike (!) I don't want to become a victim of crime. Even the lights and pump have been untouched for years, though I rarely leave my bike at the station overnight as my unfortunate interlocutor does (or did).

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