03 June 2013

Joy of a Toy

After yesterday's great run, I was keen to check that it wasn't a fluke. But the weekend's work had left me feeling exhausted even when I woke up this morning - thank goodness I had had the presence of mind to set the coffee maker before I retired.

A brisk cycle ride to the station saw me taking an earlier-than-usual train, but I could only run part of the way from Paddington to the office because of the need to buy some C4 envelopes to get the last few Motor Laws in the post - the plastic bags ran out at last, as I wrapped the latest edition, my last task of the weekend. I can't very well run with 50 envelopes in my hand , although I did manage to run as far as Rymans in Baker Street. From waking up knackered at 0600 to running a mile at 0900 is progress, of a sort.
This evening looked perfect. It had been a glorious day, not the first of the year but there haven't been many like this one , given the ridiculously long winter we have had to endure. I took my favourite route through Regent's Park, onto the Regent's Canal towpath and thence to Padddington. Before the enforced diversion at the Maida Vale tunnel, I happened to notice for the first time that it's possible to see right through to Little Venice, where the evening sun was glistening on the water. Lovely, although Little Venice always makes me think of of Kevin Ayers who lived in a houseboat there while recording Joy of a Toy at Abbey Road. Not that I knew him: but I saw him live twice, and listened to his records thousands of times, which means I almost knew him, I suppose.

Well, the run to Paddington was satisfying though nearly half an hour for 3.11 miles is unspectacular. Of course it's not a quick route, with lots of interruptions even if all the cyclists you encounter are sensible and friendly (as they were this evening). I reached my train without the desired distance showing on The Watch, perhaps because I left from 77 instead of 66 Portland Place, so I ran a tenth of a mile up and down the platform to make it up.
The title of this post is apposite for another reason too: I have the joy of trying out my latest toy (actually a really serious business tool for anyone who writes professionally), a Bluetooth keyboard for the Playbook. In fact it's a generic BT keyboard, but it forms part of a nice case (although I would prefer the vegan alternative to leather)  which makes a practical combination, tough some sort of closure on the case would have been nice. And the keyboard misses some of my keystrokes, repeats others - I hope I can adjust the sensitivity. This first effort does not look too bad but it has been a fairly laborious process to type this and correct it.

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