05 June 2013

Something cool

It's unseasonably cool today, for June. I woke up feeling worn out, as I seem to do most days at the moment: I hate to acknowledge it, but I need a large cup of strong black coffee to get me going, and some exercise to get me fully awake. The ride to the station fills that need, but I do wonder sometimes if I am overdoing it. How many men in their late fifties (which, I must also acknowledge includes me), incorporate a five-mile cycle ride, one performed as fast as I can manage, into their working routine?

Normally, of course, this is only for three days of the week, and sometimes I wimp out and use the car. This week, though, the car is hors de combat, as a friend's father once described one of the cars of my youth, struggling to get MoT fit, so yesterday my "working from home" day had to include a ride into Didcot to collect a couple of track rod ends and handbrake cables (which I am getting a professional too fit) as well as some time to dismantle the front bumper and take a headlamp apart, in the interests of overcoming classic MGF dim headlamp syndrome. Along with some regular work, mowing the lawn and doing a little cleaning, it made for a tiring day, such that I skipped the running opportunities available in the evening (and, of course, regretted doing so).

As I reached the descent to Upton on my ride to the station this morning, a descent which on the new bike with sprung front forks I take without braking and often while still pedalling, I overtook a pick-up truck with a dog trotting alongside. The driver was keeping to the left, but might not have seen me: fortunately it all went without incident. I did, in fact, slow down to make the pass. Further on, at the edge of Didcot, two men out walking myriad dogs had stopped to chat facing each other across the cycle path, making a very effective road block I rang my bell as I approached and they unhurriedly moved to one side, by which time I had lost all momentum. They did not merit, nor did they receive, a "good morning" or "thank you".

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