12 May 2013

Overall, a Perfect Day at #writethisrun

I won't get many chances to run with an Olympic Marathoner: in fact, I would not be surprised if today turns out to be a unique occasion. I don't mean simply in the same race, which I have already done (when he beat me, as did several thousand others) but at Scott Overall's shoulder, having a conversation if his conversational pace were not my tempo pace. Eventually I dropped back with slippery huaraches from the wet grass. Great excuse.

Write This Run was an event for running bloggers, of whom there were about 100 in attendance. First interesting observation: about 90 per cent were female. Do men not have the time, or the need, or the aptitude, to blog their running activities? Or is it just a disinclination to spend their Sunday at a conference (with a grand prix and some football on the TV to deter them)? Or were they out running? There were plenty out pounding the pavements around Hampton Court as I drove to the venue.

Laura and Liz did a great job putting together a programme, although to my mind they tried to cram in too many speakers, so time slots were short and a 10 am start on a Sunday was a bit early. Several speakers didn't seem particularly comfortable presenting to an audience of such a size, although they were all at their ease with a roomful of runners. I will write more another time, but while it was nearly all interesting stuff I would have liked to hear more about blogging - though the tips I picked up about running were valuable, and the inspirational stories of some of the speakers were, well, thoroughly inspirational. A day well spent, even without the group run at the end!

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