21 May 2013

Downhill from here

It suits me much better to join Compton Harriers for a Tuesday evening run at 6 o'clock than to traipse into Abingdon for 7, like I have been doing on and off for years: and if the club wants to change its name (as it has) and drop the "Amblers" part, it's taking itself too seriously for my taste. So, for the second time, I have been out running with Compton. This week it wasn't on the roads round the Harwell site, it was up and down the hills at Streatley - and I feel good for it.

We gathered - all five of us! - at the car park where I marshalled the Downland Challenge in April, and set off through woods to view bluebells (which were very nice). Then it was downhill to Streatley, negotiating a slope at which I would have balked on skis, along the road a short way and back up the hill. The climb was such that flights of stairs had been constructed along mush of the path, and there were benches ever 50 yards or so on which I took breaks. Every bench. It was hard work, but it's what I wanted, and what I need - and I can set a target, to run up it in a few weeks without stopping.

The going was rough in places, as I expected, and I wore Breathos with that in mind. I put my left foot down on unforgiving and awkward stones or roots three or four times - twice with consecutive paces - and caused some twinges in the foot which I injured in January: but so far, no problems. A great workout.

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