04 March 2013

Salad Days (are here again)

I hope.

Two short runs, bookending a working day: the most direct route in each case, because of time constraints. The morning train was in reverse formation so it was straight out onto Praed Street: back in the evening I took to the waterside after Edgware Road, and there was some flow going on - with my running, I mean, not with the basin. No GPS because of a lack of juice in the Garmin, which is a shame because some of it was a decent pace, by which in my present condition (that is, at my age - and weight) means sub-eight minutes.

No problems with feet, but then, I have only run about three and a half miles today, split between two sessions.

On the way in, passed several large vans with satellite dishes, illegally parked though the cops (of whom several were in attendance) didn't seem bothered, and a throng of snappers outside King Eddy's. Pity ER: she needs a spot of rest.

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