07 March 2013

I'm Going Home

Another few miles - 4.42 recorded ones today, though there should be a bit more because my Garmin operation wasn't too good. A short run to the office, pausing to phone a client (and shelter from the rain as I did so) and to deposit a cheque at the bank in Baker Street. Coming home, the long route, extended involuntarily: the gate on the towpath just after the tube bridge, a short distance outside Regent's Park, was open, so I carried on into that section of the canal where many boats are moored semi-permanently, with the thought that I might find the exit closed and have to retrace my steps - which would have been about half a mile to repeat. As it happened, I met the man who locks the gates - the turnkey, I guess - who'd secured the far, westerly, one and was heading for the eastern gate through which I had just passed. He told me I would have to turn round - had he been close to the recently-locked gate I might have pleaded with him. I put it to him (if I may be permitted a lawyerly turn of phrase) that he was out to boost my mileage: he concurred, and laid claim to a Mars Bar by way of reward. Did I look like a man with a spare Mars Bar?

I was never a TYA fan, but the news that Alvin Lee has passed away at the age of 68 gives further pause for thought. Musicians from my youth are dropping like flies.

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