31 March 2013

A Hazy Shade of Winter

The coldest Easter on record, and the coldest march since 1962 - but today the weather was more like spring than it has been since early January. 5K round the playing fields, stopping to thrown the ball for Hugo, is not great but it's certainly better than nothing, and nothing is what has been happening with my running of late. The other day, I ventured out on the same route (with the same running mate, and the same ball to throw for him), wearing a sweatshirt against the cold, which I assumed was not going to be Muscovite in its intensity because the sun was shining - a little. And while I was running with the wind at my back, I was right. Turning along the southern edge of my lap, though, the wind hit  me and it was immediately apparent that gloves and hat were essential. Since they were at home, that was where I went, though for a cappuccino rather than to pick them up.

I deliberately raised the pace along that southern edge of the lap today, and for the last lap kept it raised for another fifty or so yards: and I find I was up to (or down to?) 5:31 pace, at least for an instant. OK, that might be a Garmin hiccup, but it's not entirely implausible, and it gives me something to work on. Timekeeping at the Abingdon Parkrun yesterday, I envied not only the first man home in 17-something but all the other runners who came in at times quicker than I could contemplate. That elusive sub-20 5K has surely eluded me for ever now, but it would be very nice to get down to the low end of the 20s again. Rather better weather will certainly help my training.

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