28 February 2013

Winter Idyll

I carefully rehearsed what I might say on Radio 3 yesterday morning, to introduce Holst's excellent Winter Idyll which I had suggested as a piece worthy of inclusion in the programme's series of "Winter Warmers". I had quickly come to realise that, although you can feel the frost and see the bare trees in the arresting opening bars, the criteria for inclusion were more to do with thawing out, or sitting by a log fire while a storm raged outside - and revisiting the piece, I was happy to find just those elements too. Of course, others might not hear it the same way as I do, but that's the beauty of an abstract art form like music ...

However carefully rehearsed, I managed to forget it all and began with a thought-collecting "errmmm". I'd expected, having heard the feature many times before, that I'd be expected to contribute more than just about 15 seconds of explanation for my choice, but there we are - perhaps the schedule did not permit of more. And no-one would want to hear me rabbiting on about it instead of listening to the music. Sarah Mohr Pietsch,  the presenter, seemed to like it too ... and on listening to the programme on BBC IPlayer (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01qwh69 about 66 minutes into it) I got more than 15 seconds, and squeezed in a reference to my morning run (which was distinctly wintry, though not as Moscow-like as it was on Sunday).

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