28 February 2013

Take it easy

If I am right (as I am, sometimes) about the injury to my foot at the beginning of January, I certainly don't want to aggravate it now that I am able to run a little again. Which is why once round St James's and Green Parks was enough yesterday morning, slower than nine minutes a mile for three miles or so before my appearance (15 seconds of fame!) on Radio 3's Breakfast Show, then breakfast and the Motor Law conference, all at the RAC Club. And this morning 5K round the village playing field was enough, though I might try to make this a two-run day: that could be the way to build fitness without causing another stress fracture.

All this is in the pair of Mizuno shoes I bought this time last year. My Vivobarefoot shoes, and the Luna sandals, are out of use for the time being. Despite being able to say to anyone who asks about running far in the invisible shoes "I don't know, I haven't gone further than 26.2 miles in them ..." (cleverdick is the word that springs to mind - and with huaraches, perhaps the correct preposition is "on"), and having done a Half (not a particularly swift Half, it has to be said) in Vivobarefoot shoes, my left foot needs a bit of cosseting. Or maybe those long runs in minimalist shoes got me most of the way to a stress fracture - who knows? In any case, I am taking it easy for the time being - I have big ambitions for later this year and another injury could wreck another year, running-wise.

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