31 January 2013

Running blues

How many times has it happened to me at this time of year? I successfully ran every day for the first seven days of the year, and then suffered an injury that was enough to stop me even walking properly. It has rumbled on since my last posting, although it has improved a great deal and I even managed a slow half-an-hour on a dreadmill in the gym (on what the receptionist delightfully called the "minus-first" floor) of the Aquamarine Hotel in Moscow - my home-from-home, it seems. While in Moscow, I also paid a visit to Café Illarion for an excellent Khatchapuri po-adzherski and a couple of pints of Zhigulevskoye beer, both highly recommended although I would warn you off the lobbio (bean cassoulet) which is predictably windy - perfect, perhaps, for Beth at Shut up and Run. But my long-awaited second run round the Bulvarnoye Kol'tso, on which I am determined to notice the statue of Visotsky, has to wait for another visit: anyway, with the temperature down near minus 20 centigrade I could really appreciate the advantages of the gym. (The sauna as also rather good.)

It's now over three weeks since the injury struck, if that's the right verb, and if it is a stress fracture as I fear it is I should be OK sometime around Monday fortnight. Let's hope. Meanwhile, Running Blues are precisely what I've got.

Time Blues Band

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