10 January 2013

Janathon day 8 onwards

What I have done to my foot remains a mystery, but it has kept me from running since Monday - indeed, it has come close to keeping me from moving.

I remember feeling that I was maintaining a good pace, but aware that I was striking even more with the forefoot than usual - and not grounding my heel after landing, which is my (probably misguided) impression of what pose running is all about. Whatever the technique might resemble and whatever name you give it, that's what got me round the Abingdon Marathon and the Pud Run, so I know it works: but it wasn't what I was doing on Monday.

My Monday run was all on hard surfaces, too, except for the part along by the zoo in Regent's Park, where I take to the edge of the playing fields (and saw someone running completely barefoot, incidentally - or wearing flesh-coloured running shoes). That would have taken its toll on my feet. Plus, I was wearing thick socks inside my Vivobarefoot shoes, which were therefore tighter (including below the laces) than usual.

The pain is partly in the arch, which I fear might have collapsed, and partly in the ball of my foot and big toe. A roller massage device and new orthotic insoles have helped the arch problem, but the forefoot problem remains. The medical client whom I saw on Monday afternoon was confident that I was not in such "exquisite" pain for it to be a fracture. So I am resting, icing occasionally, taking homeopathic arnica pillules, elevating and compressing. And worrying about the Gloucester Marathon, and other races I hope to do this year.

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