08 October 2012

Been down so long

A weekend after which I can claim again to be a runner! Abingdon Parkrun on Saturday morning, in a fairly respectable (in the circumstances) 26:09, then a lap of my regular one-hour (just over 7 miles) loop from home taking in the Ridgeway, which took me about 1:10. I can live with that: better to be running about 9:30 pace than not at all. And it is many months since I ran 7 miles - the White Horse Half in April, to be precise.

After such a long absence from Parkrun, I saw several long-lost friends. One seemed pleased with his time, coming back like me from many injuries, and he seemed to have finished before me and registered his finish with the timekeeper. Seing the time on his watch, I was a little disappointed as I hadn't seen him and assumed he must therefore have been well ahead of me: but it transpired, somehow, that he'd been several places behind me at the finish, so (while Parkrun is definitely not a race!) I felt more than a little satisfaction as a result.

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