07 September 2012


Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan has surely lost the support of everyone who's ever run a Marathon, or perhaps just laced up a pair of running shoes, by claiming vaguely to have run a 2:50-something Marathon when. He also gave the impression that he had run several Marathons. In fact (as the world now knows, thanks to a possibly unprecedented piece of investigative political journalism by US Runner's World) he ran one, in 4:01-something - respectable enough for most people if not David Castle, editor of Running Fitness magazine, whose comment to the BBC about the definition of a "real runner" is, well, contemptible, and has lost him at least one potential reader. Perhaps it's not a real running magazine ...

If you aspire to political office and have run a Marathon, visit www.paulryantimecalculator.com and find out what you can claim. It does wonders for one's PB, much better than WAVA age-grading.

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