27 March 2012

Overture in the Italian style

I found a nice comfortable, peaceful, place to catch up on a little work this afternoon. There were no phones to ring to distract me, no emails, no chatter, although I was with a couple of hundred other people. There was beautiful music, which I was able to listen to while working my way through my to do list. I came away feeling refreshed and satisfied with the work I had done. Best of all, it was free.

I went to a BBC Radio 3 concert at the Maida Vale studios: an all-Schubert programme, because Radio 3 is having a Schubert week - the Overture in the Italian Style in D, the Overture to Alfonso and Estrella, and the work formerly known as the unfinished symphony which Brian Newbould had completed - not the first person to stand in for the regrettably unavailable composer. And it seems not the massive task you might imagine: Schubert left sketches for about three-quarters of the scherzo and repurposed the finale as the entr'acte from Rosamunde, so re-assembling the four-movement symphony was certainly do-able. And it seems to have been done pretty well, to my untutored ear.

I'll be looking out for further opportunities to spend a quiet couple of weekday afternoon hours catching up on work.

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