11 March 2012

More Than This

A disastrous Park Run yesterday - stopped twice to retie my huaraches, failed to prevent Hugo making a large deposit in the middle of the course (at about half-distance) and, picking up a discarded burger container, had to poop-scoop on the second lap (and divert to the bin in the car park before proceeding to the finish). But Achilles made it to the end, which was what I needed. The time is immaterial, but now I know that there is more than this to come (cue for a superb performance from Robyn Hitchcock: I remember him starting a show, comprising the whole of his 1984 album I Often Dream of Trains, with a monologue about a period he spent in Bergen, likening it to Seattle (especially in its greenness), and saying that he would play a song from that era - and, to what seemed like universal amazement, this was it. Possibly the last source one might imagine him raiding - the Beatles, Syd, Pink Floyd, the Byrds, sure, but Roxy Music? I think he shows what a very nice song it is.

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