15 March 2012


Five jobs - my conservative estimate of how many I have - is a pretty demanding lifestyle. My old commuting buddy, now Information Commissioner, remarked years ago that I was a paradigm case of someone with a portfolio career, and I was doing fewer jobs then - although one was full-time, or supposed to be anyway, which might have been the problem. But it was always thus: it was worse when I was a councillor and a City solicitor, I suppose - bad enough years earlier when I was a law student and university newspaper editor.

After attending to two of my jobs today, and spending a little time being a baker, I devoted an hour late this afternoon to what I would really like to make my profession: running. But in combination (to make it fit into the day) with feeding the horses. Multitasking. Five and a half not great miles, but not junk either, and my 40-a-week target just in sight - with a big effort tomorrow, if my clients allow me the opportunity, I might be able to do it. And if not this week, next - but then it will be time to up the target.

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