13 March 2012

Ain't it strange

I set off for this evening's club run without enough time and without enough petrol in the tank. I mean the car's tank, although mine felt pretty empty too. The car started to refuse to accelerate before I had even left the village, so I turned round and trickled back home at idling speed. As long as I kept off the throttle it was content to keep going. By  the time I had switched cars I was in even more of a hurry, of course, and thought about aborting the trip especially as there seemed to be a run going through the village which I might have joined in - though they seemed to be racing, not socialising, in which case it was an odd place to be at that time, after dark, on a March evening.

But I had another mission now, to fill a can with petrol to get the MG working (although this morning it transpires that five quids'-worth isn't enough to fool it into thinking that it has enough to run on), so I carried on, and club members began streaming out of the doors at Tilsley Park as I arrived, ready to go (except for having forgotten my watch) so I tagged along. I had taken the precaution of studying the route, so even the loss of my handwritten crib sheet in the course of putting on gloves and knucklelights was just a slight hiccup. I ran with Andrew and Des for a while, and probably bored them by talking about Silverstone, then moved on to the next group, ran through them down Oxford Road and found myself in the company of a guy I didn't recognise, who introduced himself as Andrew. We ran together far enough for me to bore him, too, and he was probably relieved when the medium and long routes diverged.

I had eschewed huaraches for this evening, but was managing a nice forefoot strike until Achilles pointed out in his inimitable fashion that I had to remember his weakness, so I did the long loop round the east and north of Abingdon - Audlett Drive, Twelve Acre Drive and Dunmore Road - on my heels: and I did it at a fair lick, too, though I have no idea about actual pace. Garmin doesn't seem to want to oblige with a map for this activity - I carefully plotted the route and saved it but can't seem to get it into the record for the run. Never mind, I don't know the time exactly, I guessed at one hour on the basis of the time when I arrived at the track and the time I was back in the car, but I do know the distance - 6.9 miles as plotted on the Garmin website. A half-M on Sunday obviously helps boost the mileage, but even so, and with a rest day on Monday, 23.1 miles in the first half of the week starting on Saturday is very satisfying.

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