26 February 2012

I wanna destroy you

Yesterday's run counted as a personal best for Hugo in his third official Parkrun - but he was faster at the Newbury try-out. Perhaps it was the lack of a tow over the last few yards, when his collar slipped off.
Photo by Rachel Eliott
I had told him he was on for a PB with about half a mile to go, but he was holding me back quite badly by that stage. As for me, a pretty trouble-free outing - no twinges from my now-taped Achilles: more on that later. And I got in my post-modern ironic statement by wearing the "Lemmings Choose Cruise" badge from my extensive collection of early 1980s political ephemera, though no-one remarked on it: it did occur to me that, while I was being facetious, the idea that 30 years after I got the badge the Cruise missiles would have been and gone, the Cold War would be over, the Soviet Union would have disappeared, I would have been running in Moscow, and it would be possible to display this piece of early 80s agit-prop (which I recall, probably wrongly, I bought from Pat Arrowsmith in Hyde Park) on the main runway at Greenham Common would have seemed outrageous.

Well, she was certainly there, dressed as a lemming, of course. The previous evening the Soft Boys, probably at the Hope and Anchor, had dedicated this song to everyone taking part in the nuclear disarmament march the next day.

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