26 February 2012

Friday I'm in Love

It seems so trite it's hardly worth stating - but I feel better for a run. On Thursday my mojo disappeared after breakfast and didn't reappear until coffee time (which I made deliberately early, and supplemented as usual with toast and excellent home-made marmalade). I realised that this was happening quite often. On Friday I started earlier, cycled to the station, took the train to Paddington (where phone calls with clients and emails gave added stimulation) and then ran to the office. And I took a different route, not adequately illustrated here because I forgot to turn my Garmin back on when I descended to the canal after the Aberdeen Terrace diversion. (Nor do I understand how it detected the start of my run to be Paddington Green police station, the fortified one used when the Met have a terrorist or similar to deal with). So there's a whole stretch which isn't measured, and the route shows me leaving the canalside towpath more than I actually did. So I guess it's about 3.4 miles in total: I will run it again soon to check.

The point is, Friday was better, by an order of magnitude, perhaps more than one, than Thursday. I felt alert, alive, intelligent, and fit. Just not fit enough.

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