26 February 2012

Darkness, darkness

I wanted to up my mileage today - but left it a little too late. Hugo and I headed out on the extended Ridgeway route, my Achilles twingeing and then settling down as I tried various running styles to try to keep things under control. A phone call at about three miles slightly threw me, but the rest did my Achilles good, as did another rest at about 4.5 miles just before the killer ascent - which many would regard as a mere trifle, but which certainly caused me some grief today. Achilles did not like it, and demanded more nursing once we'd reached the top.

In the end, a phone call home and a pick-up from the Bury Down car park became essential, not for reason of tiredness or sore Achilles but simply because it was getting too dark to continue along the Ridgeway without my headlight or Knucklelights. Still, a good distance and a good feeling, though a very modest pace.

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