28 January 2012

Two for the price of one

Today's Abingdon Parkrun was also the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K for me. My first virtual race, but I'm afraid I wasn't racing - first, because Parkrun is definitely, emphatically, legally, not a race, second because I didn't want to aggravate Achilles, and third because I did want to run it with Hugo, who incidentally is English Springer Spaniel Welfare's Dog of the Month. In fact, we had a record entry: three dogs - and about 120 people, making it a double record. The other dogs were miles ahead, but Hugo had a good time although he flagged after the first mile and didn't seem to understand that he was supposed to be towing me, not the other way round. The official time was 26:58, which is probably a record for me - I don't believe I have ever taken so long to run 5K, but I've never run it with a dog in tow before ...
Photo by John Harvey
He also looked a little uncomfortable when I put the roof down for the drive home. When it turned very cold and grey and threatened rain, so did I.

This weekend has become dedicated to the Great Berkshire Llama Hunt. More of that later. Got to get searching.

You'll spot the deliberate mistakes with the Garmin ...

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Adam Ricklefs said...

Great work! I'd take a possible record any day of the week.